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Dare to enter the bright and fashionable world of Kate Spade! The World where original prints, playful and crisp colors rule! Everything you need to look sleek, you can be sure to find at Kate spade new york. They carry a wide variety of categories that will be appealing to many kinds of personalities and sense of style. Amongst these are Clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, eyewear and many more. Kate spade new york has more than 180 inviting and fun shops and outlets around the world. Over 80 of those shops and outlets are in United States, and also online Kate Spade stores. Their popularity has risen because of the high quality products and high demand over the years. The Kate Spade brand is recognizable all over the word.Their mission is to show their true essence of what a fun style is, through their products, and its amazing quality. This mission is being accomplished and surpassed, as this brand has become more and more popular every second. Their many fans swear by Kate spade and always love and look forward to their contemporary and sleek pieces every season. This global lifestyle brand is here to stay! The apparel and accessories are worn by many celebrities, even the presidents daughters were rocking some kate spade on their fathers second presidential inauguration. Kate Spade has Style with lots of class, there’s something for everyone.

 It all started when Kate Brosnahan Spade launched her company back in 1993. Kate Spade began with handbags, she had envisioned and created the perfect one, and then started expanding to a variety of products to offer like eyewear, beauty products etc.  The handbag where it all started had very colorful palettes and shapes, it was very sleek and extremely original, since then the brand started to become more popular. Kate Spade has won many awards throughout her career, like “best accessory designer of the year” and awards for bedding plus many more. The modern and fresh style products that was loved by many was first sold in their shop in New York City and then all around the world. Their mission of inspiration in making colorful products alive by using graphic fabric style, very modern and sophisticated details, has become a reality and a successful one. They have a commitment to recreate their deep passion, curiosity and talents into products and make them available to many around the Globe. The brand is very affordable, considering their high end materials that are used,and attention to detail that each and every one of their products embody. Shops continue to open around the world every minute because of the brands consistency in growth and their launching of new products and expansion with a frequent pace. Its great identity and in-style products will capture everyone’s interest.  Theres a favorite piece for every taste, find yours, if you dare!